In the Age of AI: Why It Is Important to Humanise a Tech Brand Using Video

Unlocking the Power of Video to Establish Authentic Connections

Very quickly AI has become so prevalent, when you interact with a brand you often don’t know if you’re engaging with a human being or with technology. Websites are written by Chat GPT, customer service chatbots are powered by AI and human-like voice assistants guide us in. our customer journeys.

More and more customer touchpoints are being automated which can lead to impersonal communications. Customers start to lose sight of the fact that brands are made from real people, just like them.

Tech brands are constantly seeking innovative ways to connect with their audience on a human level. While the advancements in AI have undoubtedly revolutionised the tech sector, it is essential not to lose sight of the human element. Video, with its ability to convey emotions, tell stories, and create meaningful connections, emerges as a powerful tool to humanise tech brands in the age of AI.

Our Experience

We were recently contacted by the HR department of a software brand who tasked us with humanising their brand to help with employee recruitment and retention. They realised that a video would also work as a powerful sales tool if placed on the About Us page of their website. If prospects and customers could get to know the people behind the brand, it gives a more relatable and personal experience.

The software brand wanted to recognise and celebrate the incredible people behind their technology so we helped them create a video which gave a voice to their people, allowing them to be themselves, speak their mind and stand up for what they believe in. The video also showed how much they loved being part of the team and how the company culture suited them well.

We worked with them in the planning phase to determine how we could hold relaxed and candid conversations in a studio. For logistical reasons a studio in central London was the most efficient way of bringing everyone together, but studios are inherently unnatural environments, so we had to find a way of creating a warm and friendly atmosphere on-set.

We didn’t want to film a series of talking head interviews because we know that audiences can easily loose interest in such content. So, we decided upon the concept of conducting a photoshoot. This had the dual advantage of warming up the interviewees by giving them a fun experience so they were relaxed and ready to appear on camera. It also gave us the opportunity to capture B-roll to show the interviewees having fun and being themselves. It also gave the added benefit of giving them high quality portrait shots they could use to publicise the project.

Choosing the right photographer was essential – we needed someone who could make them laugh and bring a comical element to proceedings. So, we reached out to a long-time collaborator who we knew was at the top of his game, having recently won the British Portrait Photography prize. We used a mixture of digital photography and polaroid film. The tactile quality of the Polaroids added an element of fun for everyone and, once scanned, they gave the editor a variation of image quality for them to cut into the edit. The mixed-media element made for a fast-paced, attention grabbing video.

Once the photoshoot was over we used three video cameras to capture the action. One was dedicated to roving around, capturing natural behind the scenes moments as the participants prepared for the photoshoot by having their hair and makeup done. The other two cameras captured the interviewees as they spoke to our Director.

The Director was tasked with making the participants feel relaxed and comfortable. He asked a series of questions designed to draw out their personalities. We wanted to capture moments of authenticity, connection and humanity through relaxed and candid conversations. We wanted the videos to feel raw and unplanned, a peek behind the scenes of a photoshoot and a glimpse into the sharp minds and bright personalities of their people. The questions were intentionally varied between more corporate questions about their role and deeper more introspective questions. We wanted to capture real people, letting their guard down and sharing themselves openly and enthusiastically.

The participants had an enjoyable day which was important to our client. A bit of glitz and glam with a professional photoshoot and being part of their own brand film was a fun day out of the office.

We feel this is the kind of video that can humanise tech brands. It lifts the curtain to give a glimpse of what makes an organisation tick. As a recruitment tool it’s extremely powerful. People love to see who they’re going to be working with and the sort of personalities that fit in well at an organisation. Through our questioning we were able to subtly touch on the company values, intimating that people with shared values and perspectives would fit in well there. For clients and prospective clients of the brand it’s extremely reassuring to know that there are real humans behind the brand. It’s not just a website and some chatbots. Lifting the veil allows the brand to build trust with its audience and trust nowadays is of paramount concern to buyers.

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